Weekly Summary 15: Final Project

My final project is done!


This was hard! I knew vaguely how I wanted to tell the story, but honestly, I was really fuzzy on the details. I thought the fake social media accounts were a really good idea… until the goggles didn’t work on Facebook or Twitter. Dani’s facebook account is still up, but there’s not much on it. I just couldn’t tell the story on there the way I wanted to without the ability to manipulate the timestamps, which is why I ended up nixing Farha’s twitter account. It meant I had to rely more on the fake texts than I wanted to.

I think I picked almost too broad a story to tell; I had to settle with only telling the first chapter. This would be really cool to do as a long-term real-time project or as a webcomic. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time to commit to this long term, nor do I have the artistic ability to make it a webcomic.

My time management in this project definitely could have been better. It also took me a lot longer than I thought it would to write everything. Not typing up the character profiles in the first place was also a mistake; it just meant I had to take the extra time to transfer it from my notebook to the tumblr page.

Also, I wasn’t sure what the rules were on cussing, which is why the text messages were censored. College students swear (a lot), but I know many college professors don’t necessarily like it. Hence the red boxes.

Many thanks to Hero Machine 2.5 (www.heromachine.com/heromachine-2-5-character-portrait-creator), which allowed me to have images of my characters without actually having to draw them. I did end up using http://iphonefaketext.com/ to create the text messages. The playlist was on Spotify, and everything was hosted on Tumblr. Oh, and the goggles were used on the Washington Post to make the fake news article (in light of recent fake-news-related events, I made sure to put “not a real article” at the bottom).

I’m pretty satisfied with how this story turned out; I started not knowing how I wanted it to end, but I think I managed to end it pretty well. There’s still a lot of questions, and the selkie thing was not really told the way I wanted it told, but I wasn’t sure how to tell that with the options I had. If there were other options, I couldn’t think of them.

Progress Report 2

I have my characters! Introducing Maeve Hunter, Farha Hammad, and Danielle Carter (in order):



I also have detailed character profiles… that I still need to actually type up, because they’re in my notebook.

WHEN they are typed, they’ll go up on the Super! tumblr page, since that seemed the best way to keep track of everything.


Also, Danielle has a Facebook profile:


I did this before I realized that, what with timestamps and everything, Mozilla Goggles would be a lot easier, so that’s how I’ll do Farha’s twitter account.

I’m also working on Spotify playlists for all three of my girls, and I’ve decided to tell most of the story through the visual aspect with a text message generator. http://iphonefaketext.com/ looks like it’s easy to use.


I think that’s all 4 areas? Web with the goggles/facebook/, visual with the text messages, audio with the spotify playlists, and writing through the character profiles (maybe I can turn them into college applications or student admissions files?). Whew, I think I’ve got this!


Final project brainstorm 1

Sorry, the song’s been in my  head since I read the assignment post. Here’s some thoughts/brainstorming for the final project ( transcribed from my notebook with additional comments as I think of them):

4 categories:

  1. Writing
  2. Visual
  3. Design
  4. Audio

ehhh, maybe some video as well? not as comfortable with it, but could be useful.



  • mermaids! probably gay mermaids
  • Super
  • fiction, maybe fantasy
  • this will probably definitely involve lesbians
  • there are not enough girls who love girls in fiction and so help me god I will fix this
  • gonna go with super since that’s the most fleshed out



  • three heroines
  • with superpowers!
  • hence the name
  • #thatcollegelife
  • still need names. and superpowers. and a plot.


Writing-  character profiles; 1-shot background information

Visual- character mood board; color palette

Audio- mixtape; music mashups

Design- architecture (floorplans of dorm, student union); university layout; costumes





Weekly Summary Week 11: Mix’n’Match

My daily creates:

Daily Create 11/10

(freaked myself out, getting it done on a Saturday. Not usually that on top of things)

And my remixes:

Worst Powerpoint Ever (Blacksmith Camp Remix)

Cancer sucks, so get a tat


And my assignments:

The Impossible Challenge

The Princess Bride and the Last Crusade

Thanksmas Sunday


And, last but not least, my tutorial!

Tutorial: Video Mashup


Tutorial: Video Mashup

I just realized I hadn’t done my tutorial yet when- lo and behold! I see there’s no tutorial for the assignment I just completed! And it’s still fresh in my brain! Sign from God.

First, you need to download the 4k Video Downloader. Google “4k video downloader” and click on the second link down. It should take you to a page that looks like the one below. Clink on the button that says “Get 4K Video Downloader”.

step 1

It should start to download immediately. Click on the box on the download bar so that it opens when it’s finished downloading.

step 2

While you’re waiting on that, it’s time to pick out your clip. Go to YouTube and type in the scene you want to mash.

step 3

Next, you’re going to copy the URL of the video.

step 4

Hopefully, 4K Downloader will have finished by this point, because then you’re going to open up 4K and click “Paste Link”. It takes it directly out of your clipboard– all you have to do is click the button.

step 5

Next, select your video quality and hit “download”.

step 6

Now, open up Movie Maker (which I’m pretty sure should already be downloaded to a PC… right? If not, download it from the Microsoft website.) Once MovieMaker is open, click “Add videos and photos”.

step 7

To edit… click on “edit”.

step 8

Once there, hit the trim tool.

step 9

Use the slidey bars to trim, and hit “save trim” when finished.


Now, rinse and repeat for the rest of your clips. When you’re ready to save, go to “File”, then “Save movie”. DO NOT CLICK SAVE PROJECT. It won’t save your movie in the right format for uploading! Just click on the recommended settings, it’s fine.

step 11

Then, assuming you have a vimeo account (if not, get one), go to the homepage and upload! (I wouldn’t use YouTube, if only for possible copyright issues.) You’re done!

step 12








The Impossible Challenge

My final mashup assignment was “The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition” (4 stars). The hardest part of this was figuring out 6 movies that I liked and wanted to mash. The next hardest was figuring out what clips I wanted to use.

Honestly, some of these are dead giveaways. That’s why I stuck the older movie in at the end. It’s a great movie, and oddly relevant in this day and age. If anyone manages to guess the movie without googling the quote, I’ll be very impressed. (That’s why that clip’s a half-second longer than it should be, so I could get the whole thing.) If you can’t figure it out, google “I thought all the nuts went home after Labor Day” and it comes right up. I highly recommend the movie, it’s hilarious.

Overall, I think that if you’ve seen these movies, it’ll be pretty easy to guess what they are. Maybe I should have gone for more obscure clips, but it’s no fun if it could be any one of 10 movies.

I downloaded the clips from YouTube using 4k Video Downloader, then stuck them together in Movie Maker.

The Princess Bride and the Last Crusade

princess bride and the holy grail

This assignment, “This Doesn’t Belong Here” (4 stars), requires a mashup of two famous movie scenes.

I love both the Princess Bride and the Indiana Jones series, so I decided to mix up those two. I chose the scene from the Princess Bride when Inigo Montoya kills the six-fingered man and the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indy picks out the Holy Grail, because these scenes (to me) had some of the highest emotional impact. Inigo finally gets the revenge he’s spent his life on, and Indiana cuts through myth and legend to reveal truth. In the end, I stuck the Holy Grail on the table behind Inigo.

First, I took the screenshot where Indiana picks up the Grail, and grayed it out some by playing with the contrast, vibrancy, and exposure. Then, I blurred it to make the Grail fit more into the background of the Princess Bride scene. All of this was done with PhotoDirector 5. Then, using Paint, I cut the Holy Grail out of the Indiana Jones scene and stuck it behind Inigo in the Princess Bride.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. It’s not immediately obvious what the wrong thing is, and I think toying with the Grail in PhotoDirector really helped with that (I tried three Grails before settling on this version).

Cancer sucks, so get a tat

remix 2

For this remix, I immediately decided to do breast cancer. Not only is the ribbon instantly recognizable, but it’s a cancer that runs in my family. So, what to do with the ribbon?

tattoo cancer awareness remix

At first, I debated replacing the ‘O’ in ‘NO’ with the ribbon, but decided in the end that it wasn’t central enough. That’s when I realized that the pupil was also pretty round-shaped, and there you go- the ribbon replaced the pupil. Honestly, I think that went really well; the ribbon is pretty much perfectly sized for where it’s at. Huh. Would you look at that.

The next step was dying everything pink, because the ribbon looked super out of place among all that black. I went through a few shades before I found one that a) was dark enough it would show up (hypothetically) on my skin (I’m a pasty white girl) and b) was light enough that you could still see the dark pink ribbon well on top of it. I mean, I don’t have to get the tattoo, so it turned out well. If I had to get this thing actually permanently on me, I’d scream. Or go blind.

All editing was done in Paint, per my usual.

Worst Powerpoint Ever (Blacksmith Camp Remix)

Remix 1

#blessed because this remix came up on the one project where there was actually info I could put in a powerpoint. Not a ton of info, but enough for three slides.

Also, this actually hurt to make.


(If you couldn’t tell, this is the title slide.)



When making this, I thought– now, what are all the mistakes someone who has no clue what they’re doing  could make?

  1. Crowded title slide
  2. Black font on dark background
  3. Pictures with small words within them
  4. Honestly, just clipart.
  5. Pictures that only vaguely relate to the topic
  6. Comic. Sans. Maybe this should be #1.
  7. Not deleting unused text boxes
  8. Not centering the photo
  9. Not fitting the photo to the slide
  10. Questionable organizational ability
  11. Unfinished
  12. Overexcessive punctuation
  13. Text boxes not aligned
  14. Well-meaning-but-easily-misinterpreted tagline

I’m kinda proud at how bad this is, and more than slightly horrified at how easily this monstrosity was created.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint for this, then screenshotted and cropped to turn the slides into embeddable pictures.