Daily Create 11/10


The shells and sea rocks they had picked together while walking side by side on a beach in South Carolina. The wheat was from a stalk in Kansas that they drove by on that one wild spring break cross-country drive. The screw had fallen out of her chair in that shared gen-ed class, causing the whole thing to collapse right as the other girl walked by (she had saved the coffee, but not the fair maiden, whose bruise lasted weeks). The cord was for her computer science major; the apple for her botany major. And they both agreed that that particular perfume was the best-smelling one in the whole mom-and-pop shop they stopped in on a whim.

They buried the memory-box in the garden on the day they bought their first house.

Thanksmas Sunday

I completed the 4-star “Holiday Mashup” assignment (was rated 4 1/2, I rated it 3). I have some experience with mixing holidays; when my mom came home for R&R during her first deployment, we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, my parents’ anniversary, and New Year’s Day all in one weekend– Thanksmasversary Year.

thanksmas sunday

My personal three favorite holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter– so that’s what I combined, using Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want as a base. Then, I used Paint to add in Santa hats on the heads and Easter Eggs on the conveniently placed plates.

I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out? I immediately thought of this picture as the basis for my mashup. It’s such a classic image, and it’s kinda become the mental picture of Thanksgiving. I’m very glad that the Santa hats turned out as well as they did; they were the part I was most concerned about.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Easter!

Weekly Summary Week 10: Video games in space

As always, the Daily Creates:

And the assignments!

My Favorite Thing to Do: Video Games!

Music Mixup Mash: Waltzing “on My Own”


And with that, it’s been a very busy week and I am knackered. Peace out.




My Favorite Thing to Do: Video Games!

The 3 1/2 star “My Favorite Thing to Do”.

This one was pretty simple in theory, and a lot more complicated in execution. What’s pretty much my only hobby that’s a) interesting to actually watch and b) doesn’t require me to ask a coach to film me? Video games!

Ok, so how do you film video games? Ask a friend to film you! Or not. You couldn’t see the screen very well, and the audio sucked. Phone cameras just weren’t meant for this sort of thing. But wait! PS4s record! Once they’ve updated. And you’ve signed in to YouTube.

Mechanics were pretty easy, you just click the “share” button twice, then hit it again to stop recording. Then, you go and hit upload to YouTube and all that. It even let me trim a bit, which was unexpected and nice. It didn’t appear in my channel right away, even after it was done uploading, so that was exciting (not). And the video quality isn’t that great on YouTube for some reason– maybe because of the switch between platforms?

I wish I’d figured out how to add audio narration into it, though. My commentary when I’m playing video games is usually something like, “Die, you *bleep*!” or “Oh *bleep* where did you come from” or “Where is that *bleep*ing crafting material”, so maybe it’s a good thing.


Music Mixup Mash: Waltzing “on My Own”

(…Why did this embed so big??)

For the 4 1/2 star “Classical-Modern Mashup” assignment, I mixed the music video to Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” with Chopin’s Waltz No. 12. This one was pretty hard; the rating is maybe a bit high, but far more accurate than other ratings I’ve seen.

At first, I really wanted to do the music video to OMI’s “Cheerleader”. In pursuit of this goal, I googled the BPM (beats per minute) of “Cheerleader”, which was 118. Then, I googled “classical music with bpm 118”. This, I reasoned, would be my best chance of getting music that went well with the video. I was wrong. Nothing worked. I tried five different songs, and none of them fit the video. In defeated disgust, I looked on the list I found (https://www.cs.ubc.ca/~davet/music/bpm/118.html) and came up with the music vid above, which turned out to be a pretty good match for Waltz No. 12, the last song I’d tried to mix with the “Cheerleader” video.

I downloaded the video with 4K Video Downloader and the music via listentoyoutube.com. Then, I simply stuck them together in MovieMaker (muting the video, of course). What I hadn’t counted on was the fact that Waltz is a good minute shorter than the video. Oops. However, there was a really good place to cut it (the scene goes black) pretty much perfectly at the end of the song, which I took as a sign from God to just cut the video.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with what came out. Finding the right components was a bit of a pain, but I think it ended up matching pretty well. I mean, it doesn’t match the unmitigated genius of Beyonce Dances to Shostokovich, but what can?


I really, really like space, guys. Seriously.

For the 4-star “Compilation Video!” assignment, I chose the theme of space! I’ve been planning out what I wanted to use all week, and I didn’t realize until I went back and looked at the assignment sheet that they chose shuttle launches. Oh, well.

I included a full list of the videos I used and their links in the description, and mentioned them again at the end of the video. Thanks, people who uploaded those!

The song I used was “The Normandy Reborn” from the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack. I thought this was appropriate, since the launch of the Andromeda Initiative video for the new Mass Effect game is what has caused my recently renewed adoration for the galaxy.

(Sidenote: I am SO EXCITED “orientation” or whatever on the 7th! Honestly, when the game comes out in the spring, I’m just going to disappear for a week.)

I had a lot of fun with this, trying to get the music to match up to the animations and transitions on screen. Plus, I got to look at pictures of space. I do wish I’d chosen a longer song. Also, I just realized I forgot to include the two astronauts from the Discovery Channel’s Boom-de-yada videos. Dammit. I love those.

I’m getting used to MovieMaker! I think! I hope!

I downloaded the full videos from YouTube using the 4K Video Downloader, then pulled them up in MovieMaker and went to work! “The Normandy Reborn” I had on my phone (legally! I promise!). Then, I just uploaded my new video up to YouTube.


Weekly Summary 9 (aka what am I forgett- OH SHIT)

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date…

The Daily Creates!

The Cathedral

The video assignments (there’s more than 12 stars’ worth because the ratings on these sucked):

How to Fold a Paper Crane

Trying to Spell: The Eternal Struggle

Letter to the Past

and the fiendishly late video essay!

Video Essay: The Edge of Night

Have a happy halloween!



Video Essay: The Edge of Night

It is 1am on Monday morning, and I just realized I completely forgot to upload my video essay. Or do the Weekly Summary. So. Happy Halloween.

For my video essay, I did the scene from The Return of the King where Pippin sings for the Steward of Gondor. The Steward, Denethor, has just sent his son, Faramir, on a pointless suicide mission to retake a fort that has been lost to Sauron’s forces. I chose this scene for two reasons: I could see a lot of symbolism in it, and I love Pippin’s song.

Making this movie was extremely difficult for me, since I’ve never done anything like this before. I used Windows Movie Maker (aka what I tried and failed to use for the paper crane tutorial). I managed to figure it all out eventually, but it took me a while. The tutorial was outdated, so I tried youtubing some of my own, to mixed success. Eventually, since I decided trying to freeze-frame something was a no-go, I decided to show the audience the scene I was analyzing prior to the analysis, since most people probably haven’t seen Return of the King as much as I have. Then, I copy/pasted the clip and did a voiceover narration. I’m.. ok with how it turned out. Does it look professional? No. Does it look pretty good for someone with 0 experience? Yeah, I guess.


Letter to the Past

For my last assignment, I did “Dear Sixteen Year Old, Me” for 4 stars. It was 4 1/2, I rated it a 3, and it dropped a half star. For me, the hardest part was the thinking. What did my 16yo self need to know? Definitely that life gets better after high school. And rugby is great. I definitely did not expect the video to be 12+ minutes long. I just have that much good advice, guys. Wow, four years is both really long and really short. I felt kinda old after I finished; I know I’ve changed a ton since I was 16 (thank God). At the same time, it really wasn’t all that long ago.

I used the CyberLink YouCam 6 once again, and uploaded directly to YouTube.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral’s original purpose had been lost to time; all that remained were the legends that surrounded it and the gardens that, wild and untended, gave it a decrepit look.

The Sea Captain built it with his own two hands, it was whispered, though the tales failed to explain how the giant stone blocks could have been moved by any mortal man. He built it, then filled it with the treasures he had found on his travels. Great stories were told of the man who had constructed the towering Gothic church– only to fill it with pretty objects and priceless baubles. No Mass had ever been said in its halls, no bells hung in the tower on the front right corner.

The only thing worshiped in that building was one man’s greed.

He grew old, yet kept searching for more and more to add to his trove, sang the stories. His paranoia grew as his collection did. Traps littered the ground outside the Cathedral, and few dared to see which had survived the test of time.

He never came back from his last trip, the rumors told. But his ghost came home to protect what the hoard. He had had a wife once, but she left him for someone else. His children moved elsewhere. His obsession drowned all other callings.

Set foot in the Cathedral, and the ghost inside will add you to the collection.


A story for The Daily Create 1755, with the prompt: