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The Princess Bride and the Last Crusade

princess bride and the holy grail

This assignment, “This Doesn’t Belong Here” (4 stars), requires a mashup of two famous movie scenes.

I love both the Princess Bride and the Indiana Jones series, so I decided to mix up those two. I chose the scene from the Princess Bride when Inigo Montoya kills the six-fingered man and the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indy picks out the Holy Grail, because these scenes (to me) had some of the highest emotional impact. Inigo finally gets the revenge he’s spent his life on, and Indiana cuts through myth and legend to reveal truth. In the end, I stuck the Holy Grail on the table behind Inigo.

First, I took the screenshot where Indiana picks up the Grail, and grayed it out some by playing with the contrast, vibrancy, and exposure. Then, I blurred it to make the Grail fit more into the background of the Princess Bride scene. All of this was done with PhotoDirector 5. Then, using Paint, I cut the Holy Grail out of the Indiana Jones scene and stuck it behind Inigo in the Princess Bride.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. It’s not immediately obvious what the wrong thing is, and I think toying with the Grail in PhotoDirector really helped with that (I tried three Grails before settling on this version).