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Tutorial: Video Mashup

I just realized I hadn’t done my tutorial yet when- lo and behold! I see there’s no tutorial for the assignment I just completed! And it’s still fresh in my brain! Sign from God.

First, you need to download the 4k Video Downloader. Google “4k video downloader” and click on the second link down. It should take you to a page that looks like the one below. Clink on the button that says “Get 4K Video Downloader”.

step 1

It should start to download immediately. Click on the box on the download bar so that it opens when it’s finished downloading.

step 2

While you’re waiting on that, it’s time to pick out your clip. Go to YouTube and type in the scene you want to mash.

step 3

Next, you’re going to copy the URL of the video.

step 4

Hopefully, 4K Downloader will have finished by this point, because then you’re going to open up 4K and click “Paste Link”. It takes it directly out of your clipboard– all you have to do is click the button.

step 5

Next, select your video quality and hit “download”.

step 6

Now, open up Movie Maker (which I’m pretty sure should already be downloaded to a PC… right? If not, download it from the Microsoft website.) Once MovieMaker is open, click “Add videos and photos”.

step 7

To edit… click on “edit”.

step 8

Once there, hit the trim tool.

step 9

Use the slidey bars to trim, and hit “save trim” when finished.


Now, rinse and repeat for the rest of your clips. When you’re ready to save, go to “File”, then “Save movie”. DO NOT CLICK SAVE PROJECT. It won’t save your movie in the right format for uploading! Just click on the recommended settings, it’s fine.

step 11

Then, assuming you have a vimeo account (if not, get one), go to the homepage and upload! (I wouldn’t use YouTube, if only for possible copyright issues.) You’re done!

step 12