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Progress Report 2

I have my characters! Introducing Maeve Hunter, Farha Hammad, and Danielle Carter (in order):



I also have detailed character profiles… that I still need to actually type up, because they’re in my notebook.

WHEN they are typed, they’ll go up on the Super! tumblr page, since that seemed the best way to keep track of everything.


Also, Danielle has a Facebook profile:


I did this before I realized that, what with timestamps and everything, Mozilla Goggles would be a lot easier, so that’s how I’ll do Farha’s twitter account.

I’m also working on Spotify playlists for all three of my girls, and I’ve decided to tell most of the story through the visual aspect with a text message generator.¬†http://iphonefaketext.com/ looks like it’s easy to use.


I think that’s all 4 areas? Web with the goggles/facebook/, visual with the text messages, audio with the spotify playlists, and writing through the character profiles (maybe I can turn them into college applications or student admissions files?). Whew, I think I’ve got this!