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Weekly Summary 15: Final Project

My final project is done!


This was hard! I knew vaguely how I wanted to tell the story, but honestly, I was really fuzzy on the details. I thought the fake social media accounts were a really good idea… until the goggles didn’t work on Facebook or Twitter. Dani’s facebook account is still up, but there’s not much on it. I just couldn’t tell the story on there the way I wanted to without the ability to manipulate the timestamps, which is why I ended up nixing Farha’s twitter account. It meant I had to rely more on the fake texts than I wanted to.

I think I picked almost too broad a story to tell; I had to settle with only telling the first chapter. This would be really cool to do as a long-term real-time project or as a webcomic. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time to commit to this long term, nor do I have the artistic ability to make it a webcomic.

My time management in this project definitely could have been better. It also took me a lot longer than I thought it would to write everything. Not typing up the character profiles in the first place was also a mistake; it just meant I had to take the extra time to transfer it from my notebook to the tumblr page.

Also, I wasn’t sure what the rules were on cussing, which is why the text messages were censored. College students swear (a lot), but I know many college professors don’t necessarily like it. Hence the red boxes.

Many thanks to Hero Machine 2.5 (www.heromachine.com/heromachine-2-5-character-portrait-creator), which allowed me to have images of my characters without actually having to draw them. I did end up using http://iphonefaketext.com/ to create the text messages. The playlist was on Spotify, and everything was hosted on Tumblr. Oh, and the goggles were used on the Washington Post to make the fake news article (in light of recent fake-news-related events, I made sure to put “not a real article” at the bottom).

I’m pretty satisfied with how this story turned out; I started not knowing how I wanted it to end, but I think I managed to end it pretty well. There’s still a lot of questions, and the selkie thing was not really told the way I wanted it told, but I wasn’t sure how to tell that with the options I had. If there were other options, I couldn’t think of them.

Weekly Summary Week 11: Mix’n’Match

My daily creates:

Daily Create 11/10

(freaked myself out, getting it done on a Saturday. Not usually that on top of things)

And my remixes:

Worst Powerpoint Ever (Blacksmith Camp Remix)

Cancer sucks, so get a tat


And my assignments:

The Impossible Challenge

The Princess Bride and the Last Crusade

Thanksmas Sunday


And, last but not least, my tutorial!

Tutorial: Video Mashup


Weekly Summary Week 10: Video games in space

As always, the Daily Creates:

And the assignments!

My Favorite Thing to Do: Video Games!

Music Mixup Mash: Waltzing “on My Own”


And with that, it’s been a very busy week and I am knackered. Peace out.




Weekly Summary 9 (aka what am I forgett- OH SHIT)

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date…

The Daily Creates!

The Cathedral

The video assignments (there’s more than 12 stars’ worth because the ratings on these sucked):

How to Fold a Paper Crane

Trying to Spell: The Eternal Struggle

Letter to the Past

and the fiendishly late video essay!

Video Essay: The Edge of Night

Have a happy halloween!



Weekly Summary Week 8: I suck at math

So, I did a 4 1/2 star, a 3 1/2 star, and a 2 star assignment. The astute may notice that this comes out to 10 stars, when we only had 8 stars assigned. This is partly because I pretended that the Google Maps project was only 3 1/2 stars. However, I am still a star ahead of the game. This is because I, a math major, suck at basic arithmetic.

My daily creates:

Connected Daily Creates

My assignments for the week (poor maths skills for the wiiiiiiiin):

LLBean Website Flashback

Ibn Battuta + Google Maps

Dream Vacation: Peru, Jordan, Egypt, Antarctica

My website remix!

Website Remix

The best of DS106:

Best of DS106


And the radio show review:

Radio Review: The Meme Show

And that’s it for this week!



Weekly Summary Week 7

My daily creates for this week! I had fun with these, although I’m kicking myself for not remembering to take a picture while it was light out. However, I do like the symmetry of the lights around the fountain.

This week’s major project… THE RADIO SHOW!

Radio Show

Whew! It was a fair amount of work, but it’s done now and I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished. On to the next week!!


Weekly Summary Week 6



This week’s daily creates! Definitely closer to 15 than 5 minutes this week on these…

The radio show is going, and it’s picking up pace. My new bumper sticker:

Radio Show Bumper Sticker

And this week’s reflection on radio show progress:

Radio Show Week 1

…yeah, next week’s gonna be a busy one.


Weekly Summary: Week4

Confession time: I procrastinated this week. I had a pretty significant amount of things going on, and I just kept putting it off.

I seriously, seriously, regretted that come Thursday.

Learn from me, fellow kids. Don’t do shit like this.


First up, the daily creates:


Drawing the anglerfish was a lot of fun, not gonna lie. I need to start drawing again.

Lot to do this week! (Again, wrong week to procrastinate…) First up was the Radio Brainstorm. I had fun coming up with ideas, especially the silly ones. I have no idea what Wait, Wait, Please Tell Me would be about.

Radio Show- The Brainstorm


Next was the 90-second short story that took me forever. Worth it, though.

Footsteps in the Night- 90 second short story

Then the polyphony (or, as I call them, the round). Not my best singing ever, but it came out ok.

Row Row Polyphony (AKA I revisit middle school)

Up next, the audio reflection I started, then forgot to finish until I suddenly remembered it yesterday.

Audio Reflection

My possible favorite this week, except maybe the sound effect story, was the weather one. Sometimes when I’m bored I’ll fool around and try to imitate noises like this, so I knew pretty much right off the bat what I wanted to do.

Weather Imitation

On a more personal note: the Down Under and Backstory complete collection!

Down Under

Last, but not least, the radio bumper! Pretty, but not was I was aiming for. That being said, I’m still not sure what I was aiming for, so maybe I wasn’t as far off as I thought.

Radio Bumper

God, I’m tired. Don’t procrastinate kids, your Friday evenings will suck as you desperately try to get things done without having the time to sit back and enjoy them. I did learn a lot this week, though. Literally everything I know about Audacity and sound editing in general I learned this week. Also, Moon Graffiti and Limetown were awesome. I need to listen to the rest of Limetown on my own at some point. And finish Welcome to Nightvale. Eventually.


With that being said, farwell to all and to all a good night. I’ve got a game tomorrow and I need my beauty sleep so I can kick the maximum amount of ass.


Weekly Summary 3: Lots of Guessing

Not gonna lie, I started off this week slightly terrified. No joke- look at my reflection:

I Know Nothing About Photography (and I’m Kinda Scared)

However, I have definitely learned stuff about photography this week! And photo editing!

For my three visual assignments this week, I did “Your Very Own Spubble”, “Bring Your Pet to School”, and “Camp Poster”. Of all of them, I liked making the camp poster the best, and I felt it taught me the most. Blur tool for the win!

Sam was the true hero.

My dog is here!

BLACKSMITH CAMP (based on a true story)

My three daily creates:

An Ocean Behind My House

If you think I’m joking about that last one, you’re dead wrong. ALL of them. And possibly the headphones on the right side as well.

The photoblitz was fun!

Photoblitz: I Weird Out My Teammates and Steal Their Stuff

Maybe next time I’ll actually use my camera, though. I forgot I have it with me at school (whoops)- wait, do  I have the charger with me? Ok, possibly I’m SOL.

I liked this week, although next time I think I’ll try to do more challenging assignments- they’re more fun (note: please please please don’t come back and bite me in the ass. please.)


Week 2- AKA Middle Earth Appreciation Week

This week, we started daily creates! In reverse order:

Having displayed early on my all-encompassing need for coffee, I decided to share more through the three assignments– one 2 1/2 stars, one 3 1/2 stars, and one 2 stars for a total of 8. Game of Thrones, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Lord of the Rings featured heavily.

Game of Thrones: Weberos

I Am No Man


Gimli is Underrated and You Should All Love Him

So, yeah, guys, I’m a nerd. A nerd who got a crash course on photo editing this week and actually learned a lot. Go me! I also annotated on the readings and had some fun with that. “CAN I HAZ LIMELIGHT” will never leave me and honestly I’m kind of bitter because I do not need the ghost of 2012 following me like a lost middle schooler. Go away.

Digital Storytelling 2.0: An oldie but a goodie

Be Glad Your Computer is Unhelpful: A Short Story

A good week, I think, though very fast-paced. I’m really really hoping I can keep up with all the coursework. I signed up for this thinking it was a basic 106 entry-level class, and the syllabus did give me pause, but I’m pretty sure I can handle it. I think. Wish me luck.

No but seriously we have a game tomorrow that counts towards our standings and we’ve only had about a week of practice this semester. Plus we’re low on players. Send us good thoughts as we die slowly in this god-awful Virginia heat/humidity.