Music Mixup Mash: Waltzing “on My Own”

(…Why did this embed so big??)

For the 4 1/2 star “Classical-Modern Mashup” assignment, I mixed the music video to Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” with Chopin’s Waltz No. 12.¬†This one was pretty hard; the rating is maybe a bit high, but far more accurate than other ratings I’ve seen.

At first, I really wanted to do the music video to OMI’s “Cheerleader”. In pursuit of this goal, I googled the BPM (beats per minute) of “Cheerleader”, which was 118. Then, I googled “classical music with bpm 118”. This, I reasoned, would be my best chance of getting music that went well with the video. I was wrong.¬†Nothing worked. I tried five different songs, and none of them fit the video. In defeated disgust, I looked on the list I found ( and came up with the music vid above, which turned out to be a pretty good match for Waltz No. 12, the last song I’d tried to mix with the “Cheerleader” video.

I downloaded the video with 4K Video Downloader and the music via Then, I simply stuck them together in MovieMaker (muting the video, of course). What I hadn’t counted on was the fact that Waltz is a good minute shorter than the video. Oops. However, there was a really good place to cut it (the scene goes black) pretty much perfectly at the end of the song, which I took as a sign from God to just cut the video.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with what came out. Finding the right components was a bit of a pain, but I think it ended up matching pretty well. I mean, it doesn’t match the unmitigated genius of Beyonce Dances to Shostokovich, but what can?

2 thoughts on “Music Mixup Mash: Waltzing “on My Own”

  1. My browser says the video is not available in my country, which is too bad. WOuld you be able to upload it to Vimeo? Trying to match the BPM was a good idea though.

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