Best of DS106

The Interconnected Prism That Is DS106

I chose this one for two reasons:

  1. love the picture. It’s gorgeous.
  2. The concept behind it is great. It’s true; we’re all interconnected by the internet in ways that our ancestors never could have dreamed.

Hellenic Social Media

I thought this was was funny. Alexander the Great + social media = a good time. I really want to follow him on  Twitter now. Plus, like Evan mentioned, there were a lot of parallels between this assignment and our radio project. I wonder if the Amazon queen Thalestris would have gotten a paternity test done? Or if her child could have seen Alexander? Or, since Thalestris’s existence/visit to Alexander is somewhat doubtful, it could have proved her life either way.

A Door to Anywhere

Again, I just love the concept behind this. It reminds me a little of the Tardis, except I feel like a simple doorway would a) be easier to control and b) less troublesome. This would be so cool! Traveling would so much cheaper. That dream vacation I created a board for would become a lot more feasible.



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