BLACKSMITH CAMP (based on a true story)

blacksmith camp base

(credit: Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing)

My first visual assignment for this week was the 4-star “Camp Poster”. The really, really cool thing about the photo background?? It’s meeeeee! I took a shield-making class at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing last February, and the jewelery-making teacher came around and took photos of everyone. In this photo, I’m hammering out the handle for the back of my shield. The end is glowing because I just took it out of my forge.

I chose blacksmith camp as my poster because I LOVED it. Seriously, if I could go and get certified as a blacksmith in my free time, I would (technically, I could, but it would take more time and money than I have). I wish I had done this as a kid. Therefore, BLACKSMITH CAMP was created!

The dates were chosen pretty randomly; I figured five days in the middle of summer, with a registration date far enough away that supplies could be gathered and everything. I thought of the tagline “Create swords, shields, and other items that won’t be allowed in the house (after this, neither will you!)” pretty easily; you get So. Freaking. Dirty. I was legit COVERED in coal dust, even after the first day of just doing cold work. The two days I used the forge? My mother made me scrub down before I entered the house. Also where the “Want to get your hands dirty?” question comes from.

The photo I chose because the world absolutely revolves around me. I found it on Facebook and opened it in PhotoDirector. I really wanted to make the lettering pop, so I decided after much tinkering to blur out the background (also! I found the blur tool! so that was cool). However, it almost was too blurry? The background didn’t say or mean anything. So, I found the un!blur tool and un-blurred myself. I tried to emphasize the action of the photo by unblurring specifically my hands through the anvil.  Text was done once more through the watermark tool- still not sure if there’s any other way to do it? It worked.

Honestly, I actually love the way this turned out. I would 100% go to this camp.

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