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So, what can I do with:

A) Five of the most badass fictional women to ever exist

B) Boldly going unexplored places in my imagination

and C) SPACE!


OK SO… I’ve decided I’m going to boldly go where I’ve never gone before– space, the final frontier. But not just any space; I’m going to explore the universe of my own mind. To help me in my quest for deeper meaning, I’m bringing along my dream team: Keladry from Tortall, Eowyn from Middle Earth, Paksenarrion from… I don’t actually know what her world is called. Elizabeth Moon’s books? And last but not least, Kethry and Tarma from the world of Valdemar (to be clear, Valdemar is a country within this world, and the setting of most of the world’s books). These five, though they will probably all be hellishly confused, will help me explore uncharted universes in my imagination. This may be complicated by the fact that they are all from fantasy novels (which should give you a clue as to my fav genre), and thus have only a shaky grasp of science (although Gimli, in the Two Towers, does mention the nervous system, indicating some scientific/medical achievement by at least the dwarves).

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