Digital Storytelling 2.0: An oldie but a goodie

My initial thoughts while reading this were something like, What the hell is the Web 2.0? How long ago was this written? As I mentioned last week, to me the term “web” itself feels slightly outdated, only used by people much older than me. This was slightly confirmed by the “I CAN HAZ LIMELIGHT NOW”  comment mentioned on the third page, which was definitely a blast from the past. Cat/cheeseburger combos and the memespawn thereof haven’t been in vogue since maybe 2011 at the latest (although Google Trends shows that it did enjoy spikes of re-popularity until mid-2013). That, and many many mentions of MySpace, which hasn’t been popular among the Young Folk since before I got a Facebook in 2009, made me deeply consider the somewhat fickle and short lifespan of internet mediums. Not just memes, which could be considered a form of (often irritating) communication, but sites themselves. LiveJournal is something I’ve only heard of, never visited; same with MySpace. I was personally very involved with the Scholastic Hunger Games board on the Scholastic main site from 2010 through 2011- I eventually drifted away, and came back a few years later only to find that the board had been removed. Everything just seems so nebulous on the internet; a page or site can be taken down and it’s like it never even existed.

Overall, I agree that the internet has allowed for new methods of storytelling; there’s so much more interaction over such a broader scale that there’s no category for it in traditional methods of telling tales. In storytelling, digital means that thousands of people can be in on a story as it’s told, thousands (or even millions!) of people can be involved in the story, and in general I feel that so much of the genre has been affected or is altered when it goes digital. Artwork is now a huge medium for sharing and telling- I follow a ton of webcomics and I love them all, and I would never have seen any of them without the internet.


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