Final project brainstorm 1

Sorry, the song’s been in my ┬áhead since I read the assignment post. Here’s some thoughts/brainstorming for the final project ( transcribed from my notebook with additional comments as I think of them):

4 categories:

  1. Writing
  2. Visual
  3. Design
  4. Audio

ehhh, maybe some video as well? not as comfortable with it, but could be useful.



  • mermaids! probably gay mermaids
  • Super
  • fiction, maybe fantasy
  • this will probably definitely involve lesbians
  • there are not enough girls who love girls in fiction and so help me god I will fix this
  • gonna go with super since that’s the most fleshed out



  • three heroines
  • with superpowers!
  • hence the name
  • #thatcollegelife
  • still need names. and superpowers. and a plot.


Writing-  character profiles; 1-shot background information

Visual- character mood board; color palette

Audio- mixtape; music mashups

Design- architecture (floorplans of dorm, student union); university layout; costumes





7 thoughts on “Final project brainstorm 1

  1. I think a mermaid would make a good superhero. It certainly wouldn’t take much to outdo Aquaman. Another category you might consider is the web. It could function as a way of connecting various other media while distributing the story across media. You might want to frame out the story a little more and then think about categories of media that work with the idea, rather than force the story into preselected categories. These are only suggestions though. It’s your story, so make it what you want. It sounds like you’re off to a good start.

  2. This could be a very cool story idea. When I was reading some of your ideas I kept thinking of something like a marvel superhero movie. It would definitely be approached from a different angle than those movies though.

    1. I was thinking less ‘superstar celebrity superpowered people’ and more ‘average joe who really really doesn’t want people to find out’. Possibly with a conspiracy.

  3. If you did some video stuff it would be pretty cool if you played each superhero and just switched between them using camera shots and different dialogues. It could be as simple as having a scene where the three heroes are discussing how to handle a situation or something crazy!

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