Footsteps in the Night- 90 second short story


Oh, sweet God. This took me forever. In my defense, I’ve never actually used Audacity before, and it took me ~30 minutes to figure out how to do things. This was actually pretty fun, aside from the constant stream of under-the-breath comments about recordings and putting things together and how the hell is this only 50 seconds long so far. 90 seconds seems really short objectively, but it was freaking ages in Audacity.

Figuring out where I wanted the story to go went really fast in the middle; however, the end was a pain in the butt. I got to 70 seconds and just drew a blank. I realized I had no idea how I wanted the story to end. Was it a horror story? A funny story? Once it dawned on me that I didn’t actually want to tell a horror story, the laughter seemed a natural next step. Getting the laughter to sound natural and not like I just spliced some in there? A HUGE amount of work, and I’m still not sure I got it all the way.

Just… whew. I personally rate it as 4 stars, but the actual count is 3 1/2. Too bad. Here are the 15 tracks I used in the story. Their preferred method of credit, if stated, is in parenthesis. (“Door Squeak, Normal, E.wav” by InspectorJ of (“Footsteps, Dry Leaves, E.wav” by InspectorJ) (

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