Game of Thrones: Weberos

assignment 2.1 house internet

If anyone in the western world hasn’t heard of the Game of Thrones series, they’re either Amish or live under a rock (do the Amish count as part of the western world?). I read the first four books in a month, about a book a week, and I loved them– so how could I resist the chance to make a House of my own? The assignment was listed at three stars, but I only rated it a two because there’s directions to a template in the description. (The assignment is only worth two and a half stars now. Sorry guys.)

The hardest part of this assignment was when I was trying to relate it to the internet. But how to make a house for the internet? There’s just so much stuff! Finally, I concluded that the only word that encapsulates the internet- is in fact “internet”. Then, I tried to think of a motto- same problem. There’s just no one phrase. My only solution was to try and think of what a good rule of thumb would be for interacting within the web. “Don’t read the comments” seems to me to be a pretty standard refrain on most social media sites, and a good tagline to follow. Thus, it became the house motto.

I chose the <[image:globe]> as the main part of the logo because <> encompasses a vector, and the internet encompasses the world. Theoretically, you can access the internet (with a device and wifi connection) from anywhere in the world. The rays behind it reinforce the idea of world-wide coverage. Additionally, the internet can be a spikey place if you’re not prepared. The rays are black to symbolize the negative undercurrent the internet can have.

The <[image:globe]> is green and the border blue because those are the basic ‘earth’ template colors, and if the internet exists on alien planets or in space nobody’s told me. The border I chose because of the geometric pattern of interlocking squares- to me, the design seemed more ‘tech’ than the other options, and the internet is (at its most basic) technology.

The template was fairly easy to use- the only hiccup was that it wouldn’t save the final image. Not to worry- I simply used the long way. I took a screenshot and then cropped it in Paint to get the image above. And voila! The House Internet of Weberos was created. Game of Thrones: you win or you delete.

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