My dog is here!

da pup

I did the 2 1/2 star visual assignment “Bring Your Pet to School” because I miss my pets a ton while I’m at school (I rated it 2 stars, which brought it down). I had a photo of my dog Theodore on my phone, so I removed the background in Powerpoint and superimposed it over a picture I took walking back from lunch today (bonus points if you can guess where on campus I took this photo).

I decided to do a picture of Teddy over my other dog, Yuki, because I’ve had Teddy for longer, and he is pretty much my dog- Yuki is more my mom’s dog. Also, Teddy is far lazier and tends to sit still for pictures better, while Yuki is a fluffy mass of energy. The fact that Teddy is laying down is pretty emblematic of his personality.

I took the picture of the tree because it seemed a nice place for Teddy to rest. Also, it was on my way back from the UC.

Overall, the angle is kinda weird, and I’m not really sure how I feel about this? It was a fun experience and I learned some stuff. So yeah.


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