Radio Review: The Meme Show

I’m going to review a radio show that I didn’t actually get to listen when it aired: The Meme Show. Basically, I’m liveblogging.

I really like history, so I’m glad they’re going into the history of memes. Also, really pretty background music.

Lol “temes”, ok. Also, I totally remember email memes. Fast-spreading = understatement. I don’t know about the commercialization of them, though. From what I’ve seen, big companies tend to use memes that are outdated, or just use them incorrectly. Funnily enough, Denny’s seems to have the most up-to-date memage around.

I was waiting for Harambe to show up. I wish they’d gone into more detail about the other side of his story– from what I can understand, the zookeepers made the only decision they could, and the enclosure should have been more secure. As to the parents’ fault? Guys, toddlers are INFAMOUS for being hard to keep track of. Take your eyes off of them for one second, and POOF.

I really like that they keep the background music for all of this, so there’s no moment when you’re not listening to¬†something. Also, the audio is very clear. There’s a lot of “um”s though. The speakers do sound very natural.

I’m kind of relieved that they have the same bumper setup as we did- a bumper after the commercials was something I was worried about having, since I thought it might be a bit much.

Is it a bad thing that I can picture every single meme they’re talking about?

Yes, I do in fact think those Wonka memes in that exact tone, but I think explaining them kinda kills it.

“Please enlighten me on how to do my job correctly” too. freaking. real. I stg customers are the worst part of any job.

WOAH suddenly the audio got real loud.

I did NOT know the origin of the spaghetti meme. Wow, dude.

“Advertisements from people who pay us” lol that’s usually how it works.

…please tell me that creepy laugh is part of the commercial…


Overall I thought this was well-edited and fun to listen to! Who would have guessed that the history of memes could be so interesting?


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