Radio Show Bumper Sticker


I did a bumper sticker for the radio show! Credit to for the background photo. I chose this font because it looks tech-y and futuristic– just like a re-imagined history should look. The tagline “Re-write the Past” is because that’s exactly what we intend to do as a group. The radio channel at the bottom is because I have no clue what channel we’re going to be hosting these on, so 106.0 DS became the fill-in; an imaginary radio channel for a fictional radio show.

The background photo I love. It’s a map, because I feel like there’s no image for history if not a map. History is the story of human exploration, and our maps are a visual representation of this . Me making this the background of the bumper sticker was my way of trying to tie this vision into the visual aspect of the show.

I did this sticker in paint by loading the image into the program and doing the text over top of it. I like the font, but it’s not my favorite. It did fit the theme the best, though. Oh well.

3 thoughts on “Radio Show Bumper Sticker

  1. Look really awesome! Love it. One thing I think the color of the text could be a bit more pronounced though I ran into some issues with making my bumper sticker that I couldn’t get a color to show up the way I wanted it to. So I’m not sure if that happened to you to. It’s just a thought.

  2. The concept and the colors here is great and I love how heavy the font is. However, that background is a bit too detailed. It distracts from the message of the text. I would either blur it a bit more or find a simpler world map . I would also put a light stroke around the text to make it stand out more.

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