Radio Show Week 1

This week was kinda slow on the radio front; we didn’t really get things rolling on the group google doc until yesterday afternoon. So far I have one response on the group twitter messenger- I thought the response time would be better via twitter, but I guess not. We’ll figure it out.

We have a group name now! We’re History 2.0 and we’re talking about how history would have been different if the internet had been around. What exactly that means isn’t quite solid yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up irl at some point so we can hash this out face-to-face. I’ll also be able to spend more time on this after my group presentation for Arabic on Monday and my midterm on Tuesday.

I’m excited about where this topic is taking us; I love military history and playing what-if so I’m thinking this is gonna be fun. We’ll see where this goes next week.

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