Radio Show

We’re done! We finished the recording on Wednesday night, and got the commercials done yesterday, and Evan polished everything up and stuck it all together this afternoon. Here it is!

The biggest issue I think we had was communication, but overall it was pretty inconsequential. There was one big “uh oh” moment this afternoon, when we realized we were a bumper short, but it all got sorted out and Evan finished editing and whoosh! We’re done.

This was a lot of fun as a project, but maybe next time I’ll try to sort out all the group stuff earlier in the first week, so we have more time to work on the project itself.

We chose to do a radio-talk-show because we thought a talk-about was the best way to approach the topic; we’d talk through the topic before we recorded a segment to get a feel for the idea, then we’d go ahead and record it. We decided against a script; we wanted it to sound as natural as possible.

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