Row Row Polyphony (AKA I revisit middle school)

I haven’t sung this round in an actual choir since about middle school– 8th grade, to be precise. It was fun singing it again, although I wish I’d been a little more consistent with my timing. Eh.

I used the Smart Voice Recorder on my phone, then transferred the four tracks I recorded to Audacity on my laptop. It was… frustrating? Somehow I managed to turn off the voice on the first version I put together. It wasn’t the mute button, and when I tried to copy/paste the paste didn’t have any audio on it. I figured this out after I uploaded to SoundCloud then tried to figure out why it didn’t have any sound. Yikes.

I chose to sing Mountains because it’s a fairly simple round that I knew I could sing (relatively) consistently (or not, as it turned out) and wouldn’t force me to sing with a great deal of skill. I haven’t taken a voice class in a while, guys. I did try to sing Ghost of John, since it’s almost October, but a) it’s kinda high pitched and slightly outside of my comfort zone and b) it would have been hell to get the timing down. Mountains was hard enough.

Now that I think about it, I could have sung Soldier Boy. Nah. I don’t feel like making people sad tonight. (Go listen to it, it’s depressing.)

Another reason for Mountains? No death or sadness, which is actually fairly common in the rounds I know. Swan Song, Ghost of John, this one which is a translation from German about how after all is ended, music will live on… Glass Houses maybe not so much, but still not happy.

Shit. I should have done Oreos. ARGGGG.

This assignment was Row Row Polyphony for 3 1/2 stars.

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