Sam was the true hero.

speech bubble final

My third and final visual assignment was the 1 1/2 star “Your Very Own Spubble”. I chose a selfie of me from last year, and for the speech bubble I put in an opinion I’ve held for a very long time (ever since I had to suffer through the Two Towers AKA Three Hours of Frodo Whining). Maybe I’m being too harsh on him. I still like Sam better.

I did this all in Paint, so it was pretty basic. 1 1/2 stars was probably pushing it. The most difficult part was finding a selfie I thought I could pair with a speech bubble. Finding words to put into the bubble also required some thought, but all in all I did this in about half and hour while watching Forever Strong with my teammates (the best/worst rugby movie ever. it’s on netflix and you should watch it).

Ngl I look hella cute in this selfie. Would that all my selfies looked like this.


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