Stardust Minimalist Poster

minimalist poster

For this 3 1/2 star project (Minimalist TV/Movie Poster), I chose the movie Stardust, based on the book by Neil Gaiman. I love this movie a lot; the story and characters are so engaging and imaginative that it pulls you right in. (My favorite character has got to be Captain Shakespeare, no question.)

I made this entire poster in Paint, using the text tool, star shape, and the line tools. I also created four custom colors for the background color (chosen because stars can only be seen at night, but I didn’t want to use black), the interior of the gem, and the two shades of gold used in the necklace. The darker shade I also used for the text of the poster. I chose a star for the same reason that the novel is called Stardust; the plot centers around a fallen star named Yvaine. A side plot that turns out to be a major point is the ruby necklace that will determine the next King of Stormhold, the magical kingdom most of the novel takes place in.

I originally had the background as a light blue, and when I changed it to a more midnight blue, some of the original lighter color stayed around the text of the title. I ended up leaving it, because I think it gives the text a slightly glow-y effect. Also, going around each individual letter with the pen tool fixing individual pixels was guaranteed to drive me insane.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way this poster turned out. I think everyone who’s seen the movie would be able to understand why I chose the images I did, and the color palette turned out nicely. Now I just need to find a copy of the book, because I really really want to read it now but the library doesn’t have it.

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