Thanksmas Sunday

I completed the 4-star “Holiday Mashup” assignment (was rated 4 1/2, I rated it 3). I have some experience with mixing holidays; when my mom came home for R&R during her first deployment, we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, my parents’ anniversary, and New Year’s Day all in one weekend– Thanksmasversary Year.

thanksmas sunday

My personal three favorite holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter– so that’s what I combined, using Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want as a base. Then, I used Paint to add in Santa hats on the heads and Easter Eggs on the conveniently placed plates.

I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out? I immediately thought of this picture as the basis for my mashup. It’s such a classic image, and it’s kinda become the mental picture of Thanksgiving. I’m very glad that the Santa hats turned out as well as they did; they were the part I was most concerned about.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Easter!

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