The Impossible Challenge

My final mashup assignment was “The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition” (4 stars). The hardest part of this was figuring out 6 movies that I liked and wanted to mash. The next hardest was figuring out what clips I wanted to use.

Honestly, some of these are dead giveaways. That’s why I stuck the older movie in at the end. It’s a great movie, and oddly relevant in this day and age. If anyone manages to guess the movie without googling the quote, I’ll be very impressed. (That’s why that clip’s a half-second longer than it should be, so I could get the whole thing.) If you can’t figure it out, google “I thought all the nuts went home after Labor Day” and it comes right up. I highly recommend the movie, it’s hilarious.

Overall, I think that if you’ve seen these movies, it’ll be pretty easy to guess what they are. Maybe I should have gone for more obscure clips, but it’s no fun if it could be any one of 10 movies.

I downloaded the clips from YouTube using 4k Video Downloader, then stuck them together in Movie Maker.

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