Trying to Spell: The Eternal Struggle

For the assignment “Signing Words” (rated 4 1/2 stars, I rated it 3), I tried to spell a word in American Sign Language. I have never signed anything in my life other than “Jesus” and “barf” (don’t ask). I had a few outtakes, mostly of misspelling the word I chose. I actually suck at spelling, guys. I had to write down the word I chose to make sure it was going to be right.

Can’t figure out what I’m trying to sign? It’s “regionals”(highlight to see it). They’re coming up this weekend, and I am so freaking pumped. Wish me luck on Saturday!!

I recorded this via the Cyberlink YouCam 6, which is pretty easy to use, honestly. You just click the big red button to start.

I had a lot of fun trying to sign all the letters. I’ve been interested in learning ASL for a while; it just seems really useful, especially in situations where talking isn’t feasible/a good idea. Or, you know, talking to people who are deaf. Anyone who knows more than me (so, knows anything)┬áhave any critiques?

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