Week 2- AKA Middle Earth Appreciation Week

This week, we started daily creates! In reverse order:

Having displayed early on my all-encompassing need for coffee, I decided to share more through the three assignments– one 2 1/2 stars, one 3 1/2 stars, and one 2 stars for a total of 8. Game of Thrones, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Lord of the Rings featured heavily.

Game of Thrones: Weberos

I Am No Man


Gimli is Underrated and You Should All Love Him

So, yeah, guys, I’m a nerd. A nerd who got a crash course on photo editing this week and actually learned a lot. Go me! I also annotated on the readings and had some fun with that. “CAN I HAZ LIMELIGHT” will never leave me and honestly I’m kind of bitter because I do not need the ghost of 2012 following me like a lost middle schooler. Go away.

Digital Storytelling 2.0: An oldie but a goodie

Be Glad Your Computer is Unhelpful: A Short Story

A good week, I think, though very fast-paced. I’m really really hoping I can keep up with all the coursework. I signed up for this thinking it was a basic 106 entry-level class, and the syllabus did give me pause, but I’m pretty sure I can handle it. I think. Wish me luck.

No but seriously we have a game tomorrow that counts towards our standings and we’ve only had about a week of practice this semester. Plus we’re low on players. Send us good thoughts as we die slowly in this god-awful Virginia heat/humidity.

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