Weekly Summary Week 8: I suck at math

So, I did a 4 1/2 star, a 3 1/2 star, and a 2 star assignment. The astute may notice that this comes out to 10 stars, when we only had 8 stars assigned. This is partly because I pretended that the Google Maps project was only 3 1/2 stars. However, I am still a star ahead of the game. This is because I, a math major, suck at basic arithmetic.

My daily creates:

Connected Daily Creates

My assignments for the week (poor maths skills for the wiiiiiiiin):

LLBean Website Flashback

Ibn Battuta + Google Maps

Dream Vacation: Peru, Jordan, Egypt, Antarctica

My website remix!

Website Remix

The best of DS106:

Best of DS106


And the radio show review:

Radio Review: The Meme Show

And that’s it for this week!



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