Worst Powerpoint Ever (Blacksmith Camp Remix)

Remix 1

#blessed because this remix came up on the one project where there was actually info I could put in a powerpoint. Not a ton of info, but enough for three slides.

Also, this actually hurt to make.


(If you couldn’t tell, this is the title slide.)



When making this, I thought– now, what are all the mistakes someone who has no clue what they’re doing ¬†could make?

  1. Crowded title slide
  2. Black font on dark background
  3. Pictures with small words within them
  4. Honestly, just clipart.
  5. Pictures that only vaguely relate to the topic
  6. Comic. Sans. Maybe this should be #1.
  7. Not deleting unused text boxes
  8. Not centering the photo
  9. Not fitting the photo to the slide
  10. Questionable organizational ability
  11. Unfinished
  12. Overexcessive punctuation
  13. Text boxes not aligned
  14. Well-meaning-but-easily-misinterpreted tagline

I’m kinda proud at how bad this is, and more than slightly horrified at how easily this monstrosity was created.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint for this, then screenshotted and cropped to turn the slides into embeddable pictures.

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